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Nantucket lighthouse
The "New" Nantucket: Same As It Ever Was
Nantucket-bashing is much in vogue these days. Among island residents and property owners from a certain era, it has become increasingly popular to lament days gone by, when the island wasn’t so populated,...
Last UpdatedApril 22, 2019
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Getting Active in the Bahamas
Sure, the Bahamas conjures up images of doing nothing more taxing than sipping on tropical drinks under a palm tree on a talcum-powder white sand beach. But, they’re also an active vacationer’s paradise,...

malibu, california
Don't Go There: Overrated and Underrated Attractions Around the World
Some attractions have a way of wearing themselves into the fabric of the typical vacation. That doesn’t mean they’re worthwhile.  Here are some you can give a miss, and recommendations for what to...

Culture Cuts Through in LA
New Yorkers have a joke:  what’s the difference between yoghurt and Los Angeles?  Yoghurt has a culture. Boom Boom. The commonly held belief that LA’s culture can only be found in a forensic laboratory’s...

Flamingo, Las Vegas
Check into Classic American Hotels
The sense of place is immediate when checking into these classic American hotels. Flamingo, Las Vegas, Nevada Once the epitome of 1940s gangster chic (Bugsy Siegel project managed its construction for...

Quebec City
French Polish - A Tale of Two Cities
Vibrant, hip and arctic-cool,  Canada’s Montreal and Quebec City rock the cradle of French culture in North America. Paris Match In Montreal, don’t be surprised if locals greet you with a ‘smacker’...
Last UpdatedApril 21, 2019
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Welcome to your Death Valley adventure
Death Valley is a land of extremes - winter snow on towering peaks, beautiful sand dunes, vast fields of blooming wildflowers, rugged canyons, colourful badlands along with a great diversity of wildlife,...
Last UpdatedApril 21, 2019
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Sea To Sky Golf (British Columbia)
A British Columbia golf trip promises stunning scenery and local wildlife... This is the scene. After loading our golf clubs and luggage into the back of our hire car at Vancouver International Airport,...

Grand Strand Golf (Myrtle Beach / South Carolina)
South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach and grand strand boast nearly 100 golf courses created by the best designers in the game. But as our correspondent found, there is plenty of off-course appeal to this stretch...

Best New Hotels In Shanghai
Shanghai has seen an explosion in new luxury hotels over the past 18 months. Whether you want to stay in Pudong or Puxi, there are countless options and the competition is fierce. Here are three favourites...
Last UpdatedApril 21, 2019
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Where To Eat And Sleep In Singapore
Up until recently, there wasn't much to do in Singapore besides shop and eat. Thank goodness the food is outstanding – fun, flavorful, fiery at times and an example of fusion at its finest. In the past...
Last UpdatedApril 21, 2019
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Strange museums of Paris - Image Ronan O'Connell
The strange museums of Paris
Skip the busy museums to explore some fun and fascinating alternatives. Each year Paris attracts millions of tourists due, in no small part, to its bevvy of world-renowned art and history museums such...
Last UpdatedApril 21, 2019
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