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The master storyteller to Patagonia
Bruce Chatwin is an impossible act for a travel writer to follow. His classic 1977 travel book 'In Patagonia' is packed with astonishing experiences and memorable observations. Who could top a chapter-closer...

Sailing under the Star in Turkey and Greece
Brian Crisp discovers the delights of Greece and Turkey on board the Star Clipper. Day 1 Athens The trip from central Athens to its port is anything but simple. We cram four adults and eight suitcases...

Journey to the Arctic wild
The sound was like a crack of thunder followed by the growl of a hungry belly. If you closed your eyes you could hear the clunk of ice cubes falling into the bottom of a glass. In the distance, there was...

Dance the dance of Mexico
The Mexican port of Cozumel looks a bit like a parking lot for giant cruise ships. There’s at least four docked as Carnival Legend, my home for a week on a Western Caribbean cruise, glides into port. In...

Fighting the cruise curves
Anyone who has been on a cruise understands the predicament. Your normal eating habits also go on a holiday of their own with that big breakfast, followed by the three-or-more-course lunch and dinner seeming...
Last UpdatedNovember 26, 2019
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Smooth cruising - 8 classic boat journeys
Travelling by boat is an excellent way to experience a country or  destination. From cruising down the mighty Amazon using local boats or lazy days spent on a houseboat on Australia’s Murray River,...

Antarctica: Cold Feat
How often have you seen postcards or photos of some fabulous travel destination only to be disappointed when you finally see it in real life? And if that destination is also marketed as a legendary last...
Last UpdatedSeptember 16, 2018
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What’s all the fuss about Antarctica?
The great frozen continent divides travellers and even the greatest explorers. Repeat offender, Roderick Eime, buys into the debate. We all remember the two most famous of Antarctic names: Scott and Amundsen....
Last UpdatedOctober 16, 2018
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How to travel to Antarctica on a budget
The frozen continent is a dream destination for many travellers, however, the cost of even a short trip is so high that few are able to make it a reality. The strict legislation in place is to help protect...
Last UpdatedAugust 14, 2018
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Cruising the Mediterranean by tall ship
There’s something unbelievably majestic about a tall ship silently leaving port under sail for the deep blue of the ocean. No motor noise fills the air, just the low burr of ropes pulling through winches...
Last UpdatedSeptember 10, 2018
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On top at the bottom: Exploring Cape Horn
Here in the Strait of Magellan, at the bottom of South America where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet, it’s all about the weather. The captain and crew of the Ventus Australis have said repeatedly...

Wood and water - cruising Norway's fjords
With some of the planet's most beautiful natural scenery and empty spaces, the Norwegian fjords make a great first choice for a European cruise. Not an easy place to get to, its remote location is served...
Last UpdatedJuly 6, 2018
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