Goa, India fishing boat
India's Goa fisherman
Shortly before dawn, long before the tourists in nearby hotels and hostels have staked their claim on Goa’s white sandy beaches; three men launch a simple wooden boat into the gentle surf and silently...
Last UpdatedMay 20, 2019
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Nantucket lighthouse
The "New" Nantucket: Same As It Ever Was
Nantucket-bashing is much in vogue these days. Among island residents and property owners from a certain era, it has become increasingly popular to lament days gone by, when the island wasn’t so populated,...
Last UpdatedApril 22, 2019
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Getting Active in the Bahamas
Sure, the Bahamas conjures up images of doing nothing more taxing than sipping on tropical drinks under a palm tree on a talcum-powder white sand beach. But, they’re also an active vacationer’s paradise,...

The Galapagos: An Island Adventure Halfway Around the World
Don’t bother bringing your binoculars to the Galapagos.  These pristine islands 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador are no long-distance wildlife-watching trip.  On the contrary, the animals you’ll...
Last UpdatedApril 22, 2019
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malibu, california
Don't Go There: Overrated and Underrated Attractions Around the World
Some attractions have a way of wearing themselves into the fabric of the typical vacation. That doesn’t mean they’re worthwhile.  Here are some you can give a miss, and recommendations for what to...

Unexpected Luxury: A Resort Spa in Ireland
I did not plan to visit the Delphi Mountain Resort and Spa. My wife, Lisa, and I were looking for another hotel with a similar name, described by our guidebook as the 19th-century fly-fishing estate of...
Last UpdatedApril 22, 2019
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Culture Cuts Through in LA
New Yorkers have a joke:  what’s the difference between yoghurt and Los Angeles?  Yoghurt has a culture. Boom Boom. The commonly held belief that LA’s culture can only be found in a forensic laboratory’s...

Fishermans Wharf, Monterey
Down in Monterey
In the summer of 1967, Monterey was the place to be. For three days in June, the Monterey Pop Festival was a seminal musical event that shaped the history of pop culture. Eric Burdon and The Animals sang...
Last UpdatedApril 26, 2019
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Santa Barbara, California
California's Mission Possible
Legendary battles between American cowboys and Native American Indians were still more than a century into the future when the Spanish began looking for ways to colonize and create safe passage along a...
Last UpdatedApril 22, 2019
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Sacramento, California
Way Out West in Sacramento
“That’s a mighty pretty dress ma’am.”  The unexpected compliment drips like maple syrup on America’s beloved breakfast pancakes and momentarily stops me in my tracks.  Standing on Sacramento’s...

Flamingo, Las Vegas
Check into Classic American Hotels
The sense of place is immediate when checking into these classic American hotels. Flamingo, Las Vegas, Nevada Once the epitome of 1940s gangster chic (Bugsy Siegel project managed its construction for...

Wrangler factory, Cheyenne
Kicking Back in Cheyenne
Wyoming’s state capital Cheyenne might not be the wild and crazy town it was back in the lawless 1800s when it boasted 70 saloons and 400 ‘pleasure’ palaces,  but its heritage buildings and wide...
Last UpdatedApril 21, 2019
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