The glamorous side of Australia’s Gold Coast
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The glamorous side of Australia

The Gold Coast is glamorous, funky and just plain fun. The QT is all of those things plus so much more.

QT Gold Coast, with its playful take on beach chic traditions, breaks the mould when it comes to hotel design. The vibrant and colourful look is the creation of Nic Graham and Melbourne’s Spacecraft. There is nothing else like it on the Gold Coast. In fact, since introducing the QT brand to Australia in 2011, the hotel chain has set the standard for quirkiness with its properties in Sydney’s CBD, Bondi, Canberra, Port Douglas and Falls Creek.

While the hotels all fall into a relatively affordable price bracket, the in-hotel experience – especially the interaction with the staff – goes far beyond guest expectations.

From the moment you arrive at the QT Gold Coast and see the vintage Holden in the driveway with its longboard strapped to the roof, you know that this is not your average cookie-cutter hotel.

The big open foyer is awash with colour. Look to the right and you will see a baby blue scooter with a “rent me” sign and retro cruiser pushbikes with wicker baskets that are available for the complimentary use of guests.

The welcome I get from the sky blue retro-jumpsuit clad receptionist is warm and informative. She hands over the swipe card and directs me to my suite on the 11th floor.

My smile, from taking in the unusual artwork in the lift, broadens as I walk in the room and absorb the uninterrupted views of the beach, stretching from one end of Australia’s holiday mecca to the other.

My suite has a powder room, a small kitchen, a decent sized lounge area and a gigantic bedroom with ensuite. Even my bath offers million-dollar views. For the record, I loved the mesh bags with thongs inside sitting on the bathroom hooks and the cockatoo bedside lamps. So kitsch, yet so delightful at the same time.

No city in Australia is more exciting right now than the Gold Coast. ...

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